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he loves me?!

he loves me not?!

boys = GRR!@!#
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this community is for confidential and intelligent discussion of the boys in our lives and all the trouble they innevitably cause.

it is a moderated membership because we don't want any MORE trouble from people that really don't belong here. the only things that will keep you from becoming a member are if you are annoying, type LiEk tHiS or if it seems like you would be harmful to the community.

what is said here, stays here. don't spread the drama. we're all here for the same reason and advice is appreciated, but please don't be too judgemental before you understand where the other person is coming from.

any comments/questions, please address syko_neko

and if you're NOT having trouble with your boy and you still want to write about it, check out lovey_dovey